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Josef Meile jmeile at
Fri Sep 17 11:51:32 CEST 2004

Hi John,

> I am developing a timesheet system.
> It will have 3 levels of access 
> 1)Administrator
> 2)Approver -- Will approve or reject the timesheet filled by employees
> 3)Employees -- Fill in the timesheet which will ontain info like start
> time & end for task & task description.
> There will be different projects with different employees & approvers
> Also I need to genrate reports like timesheet for an employee for this
> particular week or month.Or timesheet of a project etc..
 > Is zope suitable for such kind of application?
 > I read the zope book & now I am more confused.
 > What is the best way to develop such kinda application in zope?
By coincidence, I was looking at the source code of a product related to 
your requirements:

This is a clone, which I haven't looked at:

You could look also at the source code of my JMBoring product. It may 
help you developing your zope python based product:

Some useful links, which I think are the guidelines you must read before 
developing your python product:

Some of them are old, but still apply to the current zope version.

I think the best way to develop such product is by using an external 
database to store the data (for the zope interaction, you can use an 
existent Zope Database Adapter - See the zope book for more info), doing 
the interfaces with ZPT (Zope's Page Templates -> Don't use DTML), and 
coding the logic on a python based product (forget about ZClasses)


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zope at

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