So I guess PyUI is long abandonded? What else is there?

Christophe Cavalaria chris.cavalaria at
Sun Sep 19 21:40:09 CEST 2004

Martin Maney wrote:

> Christophe Cavalaria <chris.cavalaria at> wrote:
>> Well, I think that it's simply due to the fact that the docs for pyui are
>> out of date.
> And incomplete at any time, though that's hardly uncommon.
>> It's true that the gl rendere needs WGL, but the p3d renderer
>> only needs SDL and pygame to work. Too bad that they don't mention it,
>> isn't it ?
> It would be nice if the problem were so easily solved, but as of 0.95
> (last one released as an installable package rather than an image of an
> installed-on-Windows tree), p3d seems to be openGL based and is, in
> fact, the invoker of the crash in some of the tests I tried to run to
> see if the package were working:
> <source pyui/, init()>
>     elif renderer == "p3d":
>             from renderers.openglPygame import OpenGLPygame
> </source>
> renderers.openglPygame imports openglBase, and that tries to import the
> WGL thing, and then it falls over.  :-(

I remember now, you must also comment the import for WGL. It isn't needed
anyway since it uses SDL for the fonts and WGL was only used for that on

> Perhaps you meant the "2d" renderer (aka pygame2D module)?  With that
> explicitly requested, many of the test/demo programs run, sort of.
> Their behavior is not what I'd call encouraging, from the request for
> "font.ttf", with the failure, on both an older and quite recent version
> of pygame, reported as "Couldn't find arial.ttf" (WTF?), to the lack of
> any apparent means of stopping them other than control-C in the xterm
> from which they were run (well, or doing something that crashes them -
> I'm still not sure what I did to minesweeper).
> Oh, and there's no way to tell it what font you'd like to use, nor what
> size (at least with the pygame renderer; there's a "font" argument to
> one function, but it's ignored).  Or are you supposed to go poking
> around at the module-scope variables, like poke'ing bytes into magic
> locations in a prehistoric Basic program?

The only way to tell him what font to use seems to be writing a new theme,
or using a theme with a font parameter.

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