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On Mon, 13 Sep 04 10:39:16 GMT, jmfbahciv at aol.com wrote:

>>Responding in "hints" and ALL CAPS brings us to the ludicrous situation
>>where a Turk gets to give a pointer to the ACLU to an American:
>I'm not going to be able to get out to read that one.  Just
>mentioning the ACLU gives me the bias that you're listening
>with a BS filter.  ACLU has gone bonkers in that they've
>become completely inconsist these days.

This particular article isn't even consistent within itself. They try
to make the reader equate "detainees" (most of whom have just been
sent back home) and "secret arrests" which they somehow know all
about. They also complain that "this group is almost entirely Arab,
South Asian, or Muslim ...". Surprise, surprise.

In fact, the article with its list of actions the ACLU has taken
belies its own premise that all these things are happening in secret
without any representation for the "victims."

Years ago, I thought the ACLU was a Good Thing.

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