Using isA and getA in a python way

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Sep 20 14:51:34 CEST 2004

"C Gillespie" wrote:

> I have long list of if statements in the form of:
> if obj.isA(): return obj.getA()
> if obj.isB(): return obj.getB()
> if obj.isC(): return obj.getC()
> if obj.isD(): return obj.getD()
> <snip>
> Is there a nicer way of doing this, perhap going through the list
> ['A','B','C',..

well, the python way is to do:

    return obj.get()

if that's too much work, you could add some kind of identifier
to each obj class, and do:

    return getattr(obj, "get" + obj.tag)()

if that's too much work, you could create a map, mapping class names
(or class objects) to tags, and do:

    return getattr(obj, "get" + my_lookup_table[obj.__name__])



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