Dbase Connection

Stan Cook scook at elp.rr.com
Sun Sep 5 17:11:52 CEST 2004

Thanks. I'll give it a look.

"Paddy McCarthy" <paddy3118 at netscape.net> wrote in message
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> "Stan Cook" <scook at elp.rr.com> wrote in message
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> > Does anyone know how or what I can use to open, read and
extract data from a
> > dbase database?  I haven't found anything of much use
with accompanying
> > documentation.
> Open Office can open DBase files, and Open Office has
> scripting.
> Googling for dbf2csv gives many hits. If you can use one
of those
> programs then you could use the excellent CSV Python
module in
> processing the resultant csv file.
> Hope it helps,  Paddy.

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