Comparioson of purpose for PyGUI and AnyGUI ???

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sat Sep 18 10:53:21 CEST 2004

Francesco Bochicchio <bockman at> wrote:
> layer). The real challenge is to make the devlopers of the various
> extensions agree on the 'best' GUI API.

Even though a while ago I participated in the design of AnyGUI's API, I
believe Greg has the makings of a better API in PyGUI.  And if you can
get one designer of a "competing" API to say that, there may be some
hope for a wider consensus;-).

A meta-consensus should be on the point that we need a Benevolent
Dictator, rather than pure design-by-committee, for this API -- Magnus
roughly played that BD role for AnyGUI, and Greg would be the natural
candidate for BD of a GUI based on PyGUI.  The DB API has a committee
approach, but, while that may make it easier to reach consensus, it does
have its downsides.  A BD can ensure progress at a more sensible pace
and architectural integrity.  The fact that applications using the DB
API are a mess to make portable, because of the DB API's "politically
abstruse compromise" to allow DB modules to adopt very different
parameter substitution syntaxes, is an example of what I have in mind...


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