Brian Quinlan brian at
Tue Sep 28 15:03:33 CEST 2004

Jeremy Jones wrote:
> Istvan Albert wrote:
>> Yannick Turgeon wrote:
>>> "Simple". What are its limitations? 
>> No limitations whatsoever ...  it is "Simple" to use
>> :-0
>> Istvan.
> Simple indeed.  I don't know for sure the reasons for naming it 
> "Simple".  But it may have to do with the fact that the out-of-the-box 
> SimpleXMLRPCServer will only handle one request at a time: a request 
> comes in, the server accepts that request, blocking until the method 
> call returns, and the response is sent back to the client.  It does not 
> spawn a thread per request.

The name SimpleXMLRPCServer is in line with SimpleHTTPServer: a simple 
serial request handling server that can be subclassed to provide 
additional functionality. I also chose SimpleXMLRPCServer because I 
reasoned that some day someone would want to write a server using a 
different technique and SimpleXMLRPCServer could be refactored into 
BaseXMLRPCServer and SimpleXMLRPCServer without breaking anything. That 
would allow NewXMLRPCServer to leverage the new BaseXMLRPCServer.


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