python from Java

John J. Lee jjl at
Wed Sep 8 01:35:35 CEST 2004

Alan Kennedy <alanmk at> writes:
> I've read several times that pxdom performance is not good. Fred Lundh
> wrote the following about it:
> "Sometimes, you wonder if people who releases Python libraries has
> ever used them in any real applications. .. [snip] .. The pxdom
> toolkit is 500 times slower than other portable implementations, and
> 3300 times slower than the fastest XML object implementation I have on
> this machine. Put another way, pxdom parses 4350 bytes per second on a
> 3 GHz PC. 690,000 cycles per byte. Wow."

A bit harsh: the poor fellow did explicitly say when he released it
that performance was a not an issue for him, and that prospective
users should watch out for this problem.

Having said that, a million ops per byte *is* a LITTLE slow!  :-)

In fact, slow enought that I wonder if it couldn't be fixed fairly


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