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>>the next were the 3330s ... long cabinet unit looked similar to 2314
>>... but with only 8 drawers (instead of 9). 3330-i pack had 100mbytes
>>... later 3330-ii pack had 200mbytes. picutre of 3330 unit ... the three
>>cloaded plastic units on top of the unit were used to remove disk pack
>>and hold it.
>These are the IBM gear that most resemble SMB equipment. SMD's were
>the BUNCH answer to DEC's RP04/5/6 and IBM's 3330. Originally made
>by CDC; others also produced them. NCR and Fujitsu come to mind.

ISTR RP series were Memorex drives; RM series were CDC drives; the
latter were more reliable than the former. 

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