run a python script located on linux from a windows computer

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Tue Sep 7 11:27:58 CEST 2004

Hello Jacques,

On Tuesday 07 September 2004 11:05, Tim Golden wrote:
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> | hello tim
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> | ok i have a linux box running a 'Camera-Server'. There a several
Do you mean there is some kind of hardware attached to the linux box ? In that 
case I'm not sure if you will be happy with the scripts being run from a 
remote environment, be it windows or linux. It MIGHT also fail because the 
scripts try to access the local hardware. If so, consider using some emulator 
like wine or vmware. I don't know if you really succeed this way but it may 
be worth trying.

Good luck,

> | test-scripts. When i try to run them under linux i got a plenty of
> | errors. So i want to launch then from the windows box. so i have a
> | script in /opt/videoserver/testing/
> |
> | how can i launch this script from my win box?
> |
> | thank you
> | jacques
> [I've copied your reply back to the list to make sure
> the conversation remains visible]
> Someone else has just suggested running a Samba server,
> which would let you map the linux drive on the Windows
> box. You'd end up running something like:
> C:\> python X:\testing\
> Is that what you were after?
> BTW, what makes you think that running your scripts on
> a Windows box will make the errors go away?
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