My first attempt at subclassing....Gahh!

Robin Siebler robin.siebler at
Tue Sep 14 20:07:08 CEST 2004

> But why would you want that?

Because I don't know any better?  Seriously.  I like Python, but I'm
not a programmer.  I'm more of a power user.  I use Python (or batch
files or VB), to perform a specific task and that's it.  I might use
whatever language, or tool for a few weeks and then not go back to it
until I need it again, which could be six months or 2 years, at which
point I have to learn everything that I have forgotten all over again.
 Such is the lot of a tester.  I long for the cyperpunk future where I
can download all of my Python knowledge to a chip and upload it when I
need it (or better yet someone else's knowledge) with the knowledge as
fresh as if I had just learned it.

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