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Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Wed Sep 1 16:20:20 CEST 2004

[John Howard]
> So does that mean that a jre does not have to be on the local pc?

No: there *must* be a JRE on the local PC: how could the java/jython run 
at all without an execution environment?

The JRE on the local PC is the very thing that is preventing you from 
reading files from local drives.

If you want to, you can permit any and all applet to load files from 
your local drive. In Internet Explorer, select 
"Tools->Options"->Security->Custom Level->Microsoft VM->Java 
Permissions->Custom->Java Custom Settings.

In that control panel you can disable all of the protections that your 
browser puts in place to protect you from hostile applets on the 
Internet at large. Feel free to dismantle those security barriers, at 
your own risk: by doing so you're opening the contents of your hard-disk 
to the world. I Hope you're not storing any private or sensitive 
information on there.

> The local pc does not have to set policies, etc. 

No, that's precisely where you set policies. Where else could they be set?

Alternatively, as others have pointed out multiple times, you can 
digitally sign your applets so that they can be recognized and thus 
given more permissions than unknown applets.

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