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> Alan Balmer <albalmer at att.net> writes:
> > I don't really know what imagination has to do with the question. I
> > can imagine it being carved into 1277 pieces, but won't offer that
> > as a meaningful argument.
> >
> > Here in Arizona, we recently had a transformer delivered. On a
> > 800,000 pound, 280 foot long rig. By highway. No barges involved.
> >
> > As for the reference to Hatch, that's exactly what the OP was
> > writing about.
> >
> > I apologize for not having the time to read and research your
> > comments properly, so if it seems that I'm just picking on your
> > logic, or lack thereof, you are correct.
> my uncle moved houses ... i helped on maybe a dozen or so ...  needed
> special permits ... and wide load escorts ... and carefully planned
> routes ... frequently for relatively controlled distances. 
> if you choose your road routes carefully enuf ... you can miss a lot
> of the problems that you would run into moving by train. we had one
> route where i was on the peak of the house and had to grab wires over
> the side .... lift the wires up to clear the peak and walk the wires
> back as the house moved under.

I had an uncle in the business, his job was to check the route, they 
didn't want him to retire. (O baby, when it comes time to move, nothing 
beats the feeling of finding out by experience that the route is 
untenable and no one wanted to put their career on the line, I suppose.)

But he finally convinced them, that he couldn't do the job forever.

Guns don't kill people; automobiles kill people.

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