run a python script located on linux from a windows computer

Mitja nun at
Tue Sep 7 10:56:51 CEST 2004

jacques <toaster at>
(news:2cbc7d61.0409070012.3b163cc at wrote:
> hello everybody
> i have a computer with redhat linux. on this computer i
> have some python scripts i want to run. i don't want to
> run them with linux but with windows. so i have a second
> computer (win) with python installed. how can i lauch the
> script on the linux?
> python

First, your system has to be able to access the file on Linux - this obviously has nothing to do with Python. What you need is a
Samba server running on your Linux box. It will then be accessible via the "Network Neighbourhood" icon on your desktop. Once you've
got that, you can do something like

python \\mylinuxbox\py_proggies\

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