python is going to die! =(

John johng2001 at
Tue Sep 21 05:20:30 CEST 2004

I will assume you are not trolling since you did some work collecting
info and posted back.

I do share some of your concerns that Python does not have robust IDEs
like Visual Studio, Borland IDEs, Eclipse etc etc. I am myself an IDE
nut who think often IDEs and good frameworks are as important as
languages (How else could a lousy language like VB succeed) and lament
that my favorite language does not have them.

I am not one of the types who thinks Linux makes a good desktop(yet)
for *me* and Emacs and Vim are IDEs. But that is just me. I use WinXP
and SciTE with Python. Deploy to Linux and Solaris without any
changes. When I need a debugger/class browser, I use the free
PythonWin. Komodo is gorgeous and WingIDE has some useful features.
But I have been too cheap to shell for these and stuck to SciTE and
PythonWin. As much as I like IDEs, writing code in SciTE just works
fine for me. I never equated text editors to IDEs but SciTE just grows
on you and there is no learning curve.

I love C#. Once I moved some Python code to C# and the transition was
almost transparent. C# with Visual Studio is easily the most enjoyable
statically typed language that I have come across. But I still use
Python over C# since Python is a dynamic language and I end up coding
faster. I would code even faster if I had an IDE like Visual Studio
but that's the way things are now. I don't think C# is ever going to
kill Python. They are used in different situations. If I want WYSIWYG
dialog design I use C#/Delphi. If I want a complete RAD web framework,
I use ASP.NET with C#. But Python does everything else in between for
me. Most of the code I write no longer involves dialogs or web pages.
When I do need it, I plug in Python code as COM or embed an
interpreter in my Delphi App. Bottom line is if you expect one
language, tool or IDE to solve all your problems you will not find it.

>   Look at source-forge,(around) python : 3000 proyects , C # 1500 proyects
> and C# is much younger than python, not to mention mono is new!! 2 times

Not enough people using Python? Too bad for them. That's my advantage.
Enough *contributing* people are involved with Python.

>  -- C # is easy to use,fast apps coding (as python) but!! it has all the
> advantages of a compiled language , like less bugs concerning silly types
> mistakes , ides and tools can take much much more advantage of static

If you feel static typing makes you more productive for your problems,
you are using the wrong language. Stick to C#.

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