'telegraphy' as a means of data entry

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Mon Sep 13 00:01:53 CEST 2004

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> "Peter Hansen wrote:
>>>also note that unlike Peter's example, the time attribute contains
>>>the time when the event was generated, not when it reached your
>>My example didn't show the time at all.
> and you probably didn't write
>     "you would be able to use time.time() or time.clock() to record
>     the times of the keypresses"
> either.  must be a bug in my newsreader; sorry for that.

Of course I wrote that, obviously.  What I didn't do
was include that code in my example... you know, the
code.  At least, I don't see that in any of my code,
but perhaps it's a bug in _my_ newsreader.

The reference to using the time module actually comes from
the OP, and I was merely agreeing that it could be possible to
use that module for the purpose intended (presumably what
is best depends on requirements we don't yet know about).

I point that out merely because one might infer from your
reply that Tkinter was capable of something that wxPython
was not in this case, which wouldn't be true.


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