Fwd: [Python-Dev] Strawman decision: @decorator won't change

Jeremy Bowers jerf at jerf.org
Sat Sep 18 19:29:52 CEST 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 11:10:16 +0200, Peter Otten wrote:
> Seems you are the only voter, so '|' will be it.

I'm going to vote for "修".

According to http://www.asinah.net/cgi-bin/chinese/wordlook.cgi (look up
"decorate" as "English - results in [either]", second result), it means
"/to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to study/to write/to
cultivate/", which I think may actually cover 90%+ of the use cases in one

The char in the quotes, which I bet most of you can't see, is "xiu1", the
first ideogram in the image at
http://chineseculture.about.com/library/symbol/np/nc_abbacy.htm . 

This char is Unicode point 0x70cb.

Of course there are no technical issues with adding a Chinese ideogram
into the core language. None whatsoever. Who could even think such a
thing? We're all multicultural out the yin-yang and all our python files
are always in UTF-8, all the time. (Who even needs the other Unicode
encodings? Nobody, that's who.)

It's the best choice. It's the ONLY choice. Choose "修".

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