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Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at
Thu Sep 2 20:14:51 CEST 2004

Hello all. I used to be quite active in this list a couple of years
ago. I'm trying to catchup with stuff lately, and I couldn't keep my
mouth shut about the huge decorator debate. I was never famed for
being able to stay far from debates and lost causes anyway, so...

It came to my attention that almost all possible combinations of
keyword, punctuation and syntax were proposed. The PythonDecorators
page at the Wiki is looking like a study on combinatorial explosion.
The only one option not mentioned is this:

def (decoratorlist) function_name(parameters):

...which I actually happen to like :-) At least, it seems to be better
than option A, or C1, or J(n). I also think that -- if I had to choose
between lists and sequences -- I would go with the sequence, mainly
because it is clearly something that is not supposed to be mutable.
But I digress -- this post is not meant to be taken seriously (just a
little bit). I partly agree with Christopher King (as quoted in the
Wiki), in the sense that a lot of widely different things are being
addressed at the same time, under the same umbrella. Maybe its time to
wait for Python 3, or 3000, or whatever, to come up with a different
framework under a different set of constraints.

Said that, whatever gets decided, people will surely get used to, and
they even may like it. But it does not mean that its a good decision.
People are known to live with rings around their necks and shoes
smaller than their feet for their entire lives, and can't even imagine
living any other way.

Best regards,

Carlos Ribeiro
carribeiro at

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