Python as alternative to Visual Basic

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Tue Sep 21 22:58:47 CEST 2004

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> I just want to thank everyone who has responded thus far.  It seems like
> Python will do what I require in terms of its COM interoperability.
> That's very good news!  WxPython sounds like my best alternative to
> creating a cross-platform interface with what appears to be a nice
> Windows look and feel.  That's something I'll definately investigate.

The responses here have glossed over that if the OP is using COM, there
really is no need for a cross platform GUI, and if the choice is between VB6
and Python, again there is no cross platform issue.*  That said, I have
found that creating interfaces in VB6 and objects in Python is a great way
to get the best of both worlds.


Perhaps the exception is using pyro to remotly control COM objects from a
*nix box.

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