Zope, M2Crypto, and Gentoo

Josef Meile jmeile at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 27 13:17:08 CEST 2004

Hi Jim,

jsmilan at tiny.net wrote:
> I answered John by email before I saw his response here.  (Thanks, John!)  
> Basically, I'm not opposed to taking that approach as a last resort.  
> However, doing so would mean giving up the automatic upate process for
> Gentoo.  Does anyone else have any ideas?
I also like the emerge facility of Gentoo, but I think that things like 
a webserver (and problably some dependencies) should be installed from 
source. After all, you don't know what modules are included on the 
python binary of gentoo. For example, it will be hard to add ldap 
support for python/zope, since ldap may require some special flags that 
aren't included on the binary installation.

The other problem is that with the binaries the files will be stored on 
different locations. I personaly preffer to compile the software I use 
on /usr/local/mySoftName. By doing this, you now where your binaries and 
config files are.

Finally, I don't know if the python installed by gentoo, is the same one 
as the one installed when emerging zope. This could be also an issue, 
since you can have to different pythons on your system, but only one 
will have m2crypto support.

The other thing is that I don't know if the m2crypto version that you 
mentioned (0.13) have the latest ZServerssl for zope 2.7. That's other 
reason why your install is failing: you are installing ZServerssl for 
zope 2.6.

If you still want to proceed with the binaries, then you have to look 
for the locations of your python, zope, and m2Crypto with the qpkg 
command of gentoo (this command isn't normally installed with gentoo, I 
don't remmember which ebuild you will have to install). ie:

% qpkg -l python | more

first I adviced you to watch the init script of zope and see which 
python is used. Then call the python console and try to see if m2crypto 
is installed there:

% /your/python/path/python
 >>> import M2Crypto

If you don't see any error, then you are lucky and it means that the 
python used by your zope has M2Crypto installed. If you see an error, 
then you will have to manually install m2crypto as indicated by John.

Unfortunatelly I think you will have to manually install ZServerssl for 
zope 2.7 as indicated by John because m2crypto does not do this.


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