allowing braces around suites

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Wed Sep 1 08:13:09 CEST 2004

Op 2004-08-31, Ville Vainio schreef <ville at>:
>>>>>> "Antoon" == Antoon Pardon <apardon at> writes:
>    Antoon> The nesting reflects the structure of the algorithm. If an
>    Antoon> algorithm is best described by the nesting of a number of
>    Antoon> control structures then i don't see how you are going to
>    Antoon> remove that nesting.
> Functions and classes?

If you need a function or class just to avoid nesting, then IMO
you have only camoeflaged it. In order to understand what is
going on you still need to understand how the nesting of
a number of controls prroduce a certain result and when
you write a function just to avoid nesting it often enough
makes readablity harder.

Antoon Pardon

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