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Steve Holden wrote:
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> >>>30 years old. First program at 11 (Basic) on ZX Spectrum.
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> >>/me too (now 30 & started with ZX Spectrum Basic at 11)
> >
> >
> >count another one, me too now 30 years, started with ZX Spectrum Basic at 
> >11
> I'm 54, and I first programmed an ICT (later ICL) 1900 in Algol 60 and 
> PLAN at the age of 16.

I'm 19, and I started with Python when I were 13, in December 1998.

See also this usenet message, dated 29 May 1999. It's one of the very
first messages from me to the Python newsgroup. I'm not a very intensive
programmer, and I mainly do small scripts for useful purposes (I have
approx. 50 of them, one of which creates my .sig). I haven't looked
closely at other languages, although I looked a bit at Ruby. College
will teach me Java later this year.

See also:

Gerrit (still here, now and then).

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