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Jorge Godoy godoy at
Mon Sep 20 22:54:03 CEST 2004

Carlos Ribeiro <carribeiro at> writes:

> Pantone is a table of standard spot colors. It's used in professional
> printing because they can guarantee you that the color that you'll see
> in the final print is *exactly* the same that you see in your own
> printed color reference card. Try that in the GIMP, or in any other OS
> design package. In general, conversion between different color models
> is *tricky*, and you would be surprised at how precise our eyes are
> with regards to small differences.

Interesting.  And what kind of printer has Pantone support built in?  I
suppose that for such an accuracy you'd have to have a printer that
supports it, otherwise you might miss something while converting to/from

> (I just read about Scribus, though, and about the color management
> system that they're using there - littlecms - this is now being
> integrated into GIMP. Don't know the results, but it's the right
> step).

Scribus is a very nice application, and is evolving very fast.  

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