Access to MS SQL from Linux?

Benji York benji at
Sun Sep 26 15:52:44 CEST 2004

Tim Churches wrote:
> Um, looks
> like the metal backpanel strip of a 10/100 Mbit/s
> NIC.

Exactly.  I've shown that to several (so called) computer people who 
didn't have a clue.  Maybe we can replace Net+ with that image alone. :)

> Or did you want someone to identify the
> manufacturer and model number? 

That would be worth several thousand geek points, but I wouldn't be able 
to verify the answer.  I got the image from Stock.xchng 
(, a free stock photo site.

> PS OBBTPAPI looks like it will be very useful,
> thanks.

Good.  I'll try to put together a script for it.

If anyone has any Visual Studio skills, it would be great to have the 
windows version also build a .dll, so the module can be used on Windows.
Benji York
benji at

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