Another worthless decorator syntax suggestion

Tom Loredo loredo at
Tue Sep 14 23:55:04 CEST 2004

It's beating a dead horse, but:

Guido wrote:
> Minor issue: "using" is a poor choice of keyword. It resembles C#'s
> "using" and perhaps Perl's "use", both of which have completely
> different meanings. But there don't seem to be any better alternatives
> (the best I could come up with was "transmogrify" :-).

"specify" is not in the Wiki but seems to express the various usages
better than "using".


Not that it matters at this point!

All the alternatives seem not only ugly but non-pythonic, including
the final one.  I'm looking forward to P3000, since Chris King's
comments in the Wiki look better than what was chosen.

(who has always admired the BDFL's pronouncements in the past, and
who does not envy him this particular decision for the lesser of
many "evils")


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