Scribus could have been written in Python

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I find the following excerpt fairly sad... (right before the screenshot):

"The first version of Scribus used Python, with the Python bindings for Qt.
Schmid says he chose Qt as the GUI toolkit because he felt it was the best
one at the time (three years ago), with the most accurate documentation. As
he added features, though, he concluded that Python had a few shortcomings.
He switched to C++ to improve Scribus's speed."

"Looking back now, I still think that Python is a wonderful tool for quickly
getting a mock-up running," Schmid says. "And translating Python code to
C++ is very easy. When I ported Scribus to C++, there were huge chunks of
code that needed only minor modifications."

Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing

Well, at least Twisted isn't written in Java. Thanks a bundle, Glyph. :-)

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