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"John W. Kennedy" <jwkenne at attglobal.net> writes:
> There was also an OS/360 version, but it was never as popular, since
> A) OS/360 console operators are usually busy enough and B) IEBGENER
> wasn't all that hard to use.
> And, yes, there was a similar early program called DEBE.

similar to the stand-alone, self-loading (bootable) DEBE was LLMPS
... lincoln labs multiprogramming system .... which was self-loading
program with small multitasker and most of the feature/functions
provided were similar to DEBE.

the folklore is that LLMPS was also used as the core scaffolding for
MTS (michigan terminal system) 

... misc. ref to LLMPS manual:
http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/2000g.html#0 TSS ancient history, was X86 ultimate CISC? designs)

random other refs to LLMPS
http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/93.html#15 unit record & other controllers
http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/93.html#23 MTS & LLMPS?
http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/93.html#25 MTS & LLMPS?
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