python ides

Daniel Ellison daniel at
Wed Sep 22 01:08:24 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Daniel Ellison wrote:
>> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>> -this-thread-was-really-about-the-ides-of-python-ly y'rs,
>> Ah, but this issue does bring into question the integrity of the OP 
>> and the resulting validity of his opinions...
> Dang!  I was sure you would get the "The Ides of Python" bit...
> Sorry, I know it's not the 13th of the month, so maybe it wasn't
> an obvious pun to (try to) make.
> -Peter

Well I use Vim, so I have Bewared (?? Beworn?) the Ides of Python for 
many years. :p

-this-thread-was-actually-about-the-op's-change-of-skin-ly y'rs,


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