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[snipp Rush Limbaugh's's talks show mentioned]

>>I deplore your tast in radio talk shows.
>Oh!  Taste in talk shows.

Ah, then I have deplorable tastes in your opinion. I find Rush
greatly entertaining; but wouldn't use him as a data point.

I wish the left could dig up someone as entertaining as Rush.

>> ..  It doesn't take much to
>>create a rabble rousing poll to increase ratings.
>I listen to them for data about how the rabble is thinking
>and the logic they use to form their opinions.  I also
>watch those religious cable TV shows to gather the same kinds
>of information; note that I can only manage to listen to these
>about 10 minutes and not more than once/year.  I also listen
>to Rushie to see what kinds of lies that half of the world is
>listening to.  I watch CSPAN who never cut out for commericals,
>don't edit too much, and tend to leave the mike on after the
>meetings break up.  '

With most of these you miss the point if you listen for content
at all. The media IS the message. And you are the product, to
be entertained enough so you can be sold to advertisers. 

>>There is no need, nor cause, to impute Bush & Co. with
>>intrinsically evil intentions.  It is quite enough to point to
>>their lack of capability, and bull headed 'revenge for daddy'
>>propensities.  The state of the economy, unemployment, poverty
>>rate, medical care, deficit, death rate in Iraq (both of Americans
>>and Iraqis), abandonment of the Bin Laden hunt, abridgement of
>>civil liberties (as in the Patriot Act and the Gitmo gulag), poor
>>choice of companions (Halliburton and other political donors and
>>trough feeders, and the 'plausible deniability' of the Swiftboat
>>gang), irritation of allies, inability to deal with North Korea
>>(due to involvement with useless adventures), abandonment of
>>efforts towards a Palestinian peace, all spring to immediate mind.

A lack of focus on world politics has been a characteristica of the
US presidents since Eisenhower. Bush is not special, he just got
the mess in his lap and had to deal with it; just as Nixon inherited
the Vietnam war. 

>Well, your Bush-hater campaign is working beyond all your 
>expectations.  One day, you will have to live it.

-- mrr

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