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Alan Balmer <albalmer at att.net> writes:
> The first disaster was due to (possibly inferior) gaskets and inferior
> judgment on launch day. The second was falling foam, and inferior
> realization of the gravity of the problem. I'm not clear on what
> either had to do with Utah.

at the time of the 1st disaster ... the claim was that the utah bid
was the only solution that required manufactoring the boosters in
sections for transportion and the subsequent re-assembly in florida
with gaskets. the assertion was that none of the other solutions could
have had a failure because of gaskets ... because they didn't have
gaskets (having been manufactored as a single unit).

so the failure cause scenario went (compared to solutions that didn't
require gaskets and manufactoring in sections)

   disaster because of inferior(?) gaskets
   inferior(?) gaskets because of gaskets
   gaskets because of transportion sectioning requirement
   transportation sectioning requirement because the sections
        were manufactored in utah

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