Debunking Art - fraudster with python AI engine?

Nick primz at
Wed Sep 1 06:56:35 CEST 2004

"Chris S." <chrisks at> wrote in message news:<4133ff91$1 at>...
> Nick wrote:
> > Naturally, I find it hard to believe he has picked up on natural
> > language processing and the other various skills required to write AI
> > engines in that time. My guess is he has a python AIML interpreter,
> > and he's found a default "brain" somewhere and tweaked it with some of
> > his own stuff in order to pass it off as his own.
> So what's the problem? You make it sound like he *must* be plagerizing 
> someone else's work, but PyAIML is for creating just such an interface. 
> There are even free brains available. Considering the term "AI engine" 
> has no official meaning, a shell powered by an AIML interpreter could 
> easily be one of many possible solutions to such a setup.

Well, if I were using a cryptographic library, I wouldn't dare claim I
were a cryptographer. I may say that I had written an application that
uses a third party cryptographic component... I think in this context
he is using the fact that the chances of a technical person
questioning his work are extremely slim.

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