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Thu Sep 30 17:02:10 CEST 2004

>>>>> C Ginger <cginboston at> (CG) wrote:

CG> I know the approach to creating a lock file has been around a long time but
CG> there are certain weaknesses to it. There are a number of race conditions
CG> in it. For instance if process A detects the directory isn't there it will
CG> attempt to create it. During that same time process B might also not find
CG> it there - since A hasn't completed its create yet.

Which directory are you talking about?
If it is about using a lock file, as your first sentence applies, there
isn't a directory to be created. The lock file should be created in an
existing directory.
If you are talking about the mkdir approach: the processes are only
creating the directory with mkdir, not first checking if it exists. And
creating the directory is an atomic operation.
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