Python using CLDR?

Dave Opstad dave.opstad at
Mon Sep 13 18:47:31 CEST 2004

I was at the Unicode Conference last week and heard several good 
presentations with relevance to Python. In particular, there was a panel 
discussion on the Common Locale Data Repository:

This is an attempt to provide locale data for many different languages 
and regions (currently 288 locales in 94 languages) in XML, usable by 
software developers. Does anyone know if there's any effort to make 
Python's locale and related modules make use of this CLDR data? I did a 
Google groups search on Python and CLDR but nothing came up.


(P.S. A lot of people at the conference had never heard of Python, so I 
tried to let folks know about it. I wonder if a paper on something like 
"Unicode and Python" would be of interest for some future conference?)

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