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Richard Hanson me at privacy.net
Mon Sep 27 19:42:47 CEST 2004

Anna Martelli Ravenscroft wrote:

[This post primarily contains solutions to Anna's problem with the
Fujitsu LifeBook P2000's key locations. But, there's also some 2.4x
MSI Installer anecdotal info in my footnote.]

> Cameron Laird wrote:
> > Is Linux practical on these boxes?  How do touch-typists like them
> Well, mine is dual boot. I'm currently experimenting with Ubuntu on my 
> Linux partition... I'm really REALLY hoping for a linux kernel with a 
> decent 'sleep' function to come up RSN because I despise having to work 
> in Windoze XP instead of Linux. Ah well, at least the XP hasn't been too 
> terrible to work on - it runs surprisingly smoothly, particularly with 
> Firefox and Thunderbird for browsing and email...

My Fujitsu LifeBook P1120 is (was) only single-booting Win2k, so I
can't help with the Linux "sleep" function as yet -- I'll be working
on dual-booting Win2k and Linux on the P1120 as soon as I get the
requisite hardware to rebuild things. The "sleep" function is a *very*
high priority for me, so if and when I find a solution, I'll post it
if you're still needing such -- may well work for your P2000 as well.

> And I can touch type just fine - except for the damn capslock key (there 
> is NO purpose whatsoever for a capslock key as a standalone key on a 
> modern keyboard, imho). 

It seems *many* folks agree; read below.

> I've had only minor problems with the touch 
> typing that I do - and that, only due to the slightly different layout 
> of the SHIFT key on the right side compared to where I'd normally expect 
> to find it: keyboard layout is a common bugbear on laptops though, 
> regardless of size....

[I lost all my recent archives in a recent series of "crashes" -- so I
regoogled this morning for the info herein.]

On Win2k, and claimed for WinXP, one can manually edit the registry to
remap any of the keys. I originally did this on my P1120 with Win2k.
Worked just fine.

(I had saved to disc before a Win98SE crash just a few minutes ago
;-), the manual regedit values. If you're interested in 'em you may
post here or contact me off-group. The email addie below works if
unmunged -- ObExplicit: replace the angle-bracketed items with the
appropriate symbol.)

Also, there are tools available from both MS, and for those who don't
like to visit MS ;-), free from many other helpful folks.

If my memory serves, I liked best the (freeware, I believe) tool


available from this page:



MS's tool is Remapkey.exe. (NB: I have not tried this tool --
*usually* my firewall blocks MS :-) [which required an unblocking to
install 2.4ax because of the new MSI Installer[1] :-) ].) This tool
may already be on one of your MS CDs in the reskit dirs (I haven't
looked in mine).

In any event, one webpage:    


describes Remapkey.exe as:

"... a nifty tool put out by microsoft (sic). Make sure you get the
correct version for your OS. Not resource intensive like other dll

The page has these links (quoted herein): 

For individual downloads:

Free from Microsoft site, for full downloads

or shorter link:


I also have links to a few other freeware (some open-source) tools for
all versions of Win32. I won't add them now, but repost or contact me
if you want more info from my research.


Additionally, I found many solutions for Linux, but haven't
investigated those as (as I said) I have not yet installed Linux on my
Fujitsu LifeBook P1120. Again, if you have trouble locating a Linux
key-remapping method, let me know as I found lots of links for the
better OS :-), as well.

(I do note that after several reinstalls on the P1120, that I was
finally used to the capslock and shift key locations well enough to
avoid wrongly hitting them very often. As they say, though, your
mileage may vary.)

Richard Hanson
[1] On this HP Omnibook 900B even after downloading the requisite MSI
Install file, I experienced multiple errors trying to install 2.4a3.2
on Win98SE. I finally got 2.4x working, but I note that the helpfiles
are still missing the navigation icons. I have the MSI Installer error
messages if Martin or anyone is interested. 


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