Clickable (wx)python app in OS X

Chris McD theratpack91 at
Sat Sep 25 16:28:35 CEST 2004

PhysicsGenius wrote:
> I have a wxPython program.  It runs fine on OS X when I launch it from
> the Terminal ("pythonw") .  The user wants to be able to
> click it.  Two main suggestions on the Internet, neither of which
> works:
> 1) "Use Platypus"  So I download it, upgrade Stuffit, install both,
> figure out how to use it, create an app....and it doesn't work for
> graphical apps.  Nice to know, thanks for telling me ahead of time!
> 2) "Just associate .py files with PythonInterpreter".  Sounds easy! 
> So I navigate to, Get Info, Open With, navigate to
> PythonInterpreter....WhereTF is "PythonInterpreter"?  Not on the OS X
> system anywhere and Google only finds a Python module.
> So, how do I create a clickable icon that will launch my wxPython
> program?

Well you are opening it with pythonw so why not associate *.py  with 
pythonw or python?


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