New Programmer and Python

DilbertFan steveb428pleaseremovethis at
Sat Sep 18 18:12:00 CEST 2004

Think of  a program you want to write, and just do the psuedo first. What
objects do you need?, do you need to read from a file, and where does the
output go.. no fancy gui yet.

Write the flowchart or psuedocode of what happens before what, before even
looking into how to do it in Python. And then check out Quick Python book,
or one of the other tutorials when it's time to write the classes.

 At an absolute minimum, write a module with a main, and then just start
setting variables and then printing them out.

"PMD96" <PMD96 at> wrote in message
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> I'm new to programming and have been recommended to start with Python.
> reviewed the tutorial and am looking for additional learning tools to
> programming and Python.  Any recommendations?

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