use of Java modules

Luis P. Mendes luis_XX at
Thu Sep 2 19:58:42 CEST 2004


I have a Python program that needs to interact with Java as follows:

1- A website supplied me java code that is able to perform some web
2- my Python program triggers some events;
3- I would like to use that java code when an event is triggered, instead of
having to recode everything in Python;
4- I know nothing about java, don't even know what .jar .class and .java
files are used for;
5- I've checked but I don't know if it is what I was looking for,
because, preferably, I wouldn't like to have to learn Java;
6- Example: is it possible to import a java function such as connect() and
use it in my Python program directly using parameters like:
        if TRUE:
                connect(z1,z2)  <-- java function with z1 and z2 
7- is it possible to have, as other example:
        var1, var2 = JAVA_FUNCTION(z1,z2)

So,my question are:
is Jython the way to do it?  if not, how?
are there tutorials for extreme begginers in using another language in


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