Comparioson of purpose for PyGUI and AnyGUI ???

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Sat Sep 18 14:26:29 CEST 2004

In article <1gkb1xb.13ayfy1rayeymN%aleaxit at>, Alex Martelli wrote:
>Francesco Bochicchio <bockman at> wrote:
>   ...
>> layer). The real challenge is to make the devlopers of the various
>> extensions agree on the 'best' GUI API.
>Even though a while ago I participated in the design of AnyGUI's API, I
>believe Greg has the makings of a better API in PyGUI.  And if you can
>get one designer of a "competing" API to say that, there may be some
>hope for a wider consensus;-).


I haven't examined Greg's API in detail lately, but the original
Anygui API was inspired by it. I do think Greg seems to have a knack
for simple and pragmatic solutions, while I may have a weakness for
'clever' and 'cute' (c.f. Anygui ;)

There have been comments about elsewhere in this thread about a
fundamental issue in Anygui: The need to support many toolkits. This
was the raison d'être for Anygui in the first place -- it was supposed
to be a pure-Python module that would run (almost) anywhere,
regardless of which GUI toolkit the user/admin happened to have

Anygui succeeded as a proof of concept, but the burden of sustained
support and development for many toolkits did make it very impractical
to keep things going. At the moment the project is effectively on ice.

If Greg can make a reasonably full-featured system (which isn't too
hard to install/compile and has a native look on the major platforms)
I think that would be a major step toward a 'standard' GUI package for
Python. If not, there are existing packages (e.g. wx) that work very
well -- perhaps there really isn't a need for anything more standard
than that?

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