Math errors in python

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Sun Sep 19 14:51:45 CEST 2004

Chris S. wrote:

>>>Great, why fix what's broken when we can introduce a new module with an
>>>inconvenient API.
>> 1. It ain't broken.
> Call it what you will, it doesn't produce the correct result. From where
>   I come from, that's either bad or broken.

If there is a way to always get the "correct" result in numerical
mathematics, I don't know it. But I'm not an expert. Can you enlighten me?
>> 2. What fraction of the numbers in your programs are constants?
> What?

Expressions like a*b+c are not affected by the choice of float/Decimal.
Values are normally read from a file or given interactively by a user. I
supposed that what you called inconvenient to be limited to decimal
constants (Decimal("1.2") vs. 1.2 for floats) and questioned its
significance, especially as scientific users will probably continue to use


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