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Fri Sep 10 15:54:17 CEST 2004

"Ed Suominen" <ed-no at spam-eepatents.com> wrote in message 
news:IKCdnbjCsZtWd6HcRVn-qQ at centurytel.net...
> WxInter is a drop-in replacement for TkInter, providing user-transparent
> wxPython-based replacements for each and every part of the Tkinter class
> library. Because wxPython can do anything that the ancient and stagnant
> TkInter can do (but with a themable, modern window appearance), legacy 
> code
> will still run, looking better than ever, and Python's last connection to
> the Tcl/TK albatross will be forever broken.
> OK, I just made all this up. But why couldn't it happen? I'd even be 
> tempted
> to code it myself, but I'm sure others with some wxPython experience could
> do it much faster and better.

A wxInter library would not promote people to learn wxPython. It seems that 
the seems that the thing that people like about Tk is the Canvas object has 
anyone tried the wxFloatCanvas as a replacement.


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