Electronic voting feasibility

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at speakeasy.net
Tue Sep 21 22:47:42 EDT 2004

Richie Hindle wrote

> I believe that's an "attributive use" of the noun "sound", as in "brick wall"
> or "town council".  See "Adjective (1)" in The New Fowler's.

You're absolutely right -- in English just about any noun can be used
as an adjective, and www.m-w.com does actually have the compound noun
"sound wave", but I had _just_ been using the thesaurus, and found it
quite humorous that I couldn't find either "synonymous" or "synonym"
therein, so I was looking for an excuse to make yet another lame joke,
but that obviously wasn't a "sound decision" :)


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