Clickable (wx)python app in OS X

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Thu Sep 30 08:02:40 CEST 2004

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>> So, how do I create a clickable icon that will launch my wxPython
>> program?

You could also try creating a bundle by hand. I tried that
as an experiment recently, and I got it to work. From memory,
all you need is a directory structure that contains

where the final NameOfApp is the executable. This can be
a Python script with a #! line that invokes the appropriate
interpreter (python or pythonw). Any other modules that it
needs can be put in the MacOS directory alongside it.

Another way is to use AppletBuilder to create a "skeleton"
bundle from your main .py file, and then manually add other
required modules to the MacOS directory. That will give
you command line emulation, ability to give it a nice icon,

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