ANN:A wxHtmlWindow forms implementation.

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at
Mon Sep 13 21:42:07 CEST 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:56:12 -0700, Tom B. <sbabbitt at> wrote:
> I misunderstood your reply and I apologize if my reply was an insult to your
> intelligence. The demo code is a demo but it is for the wxPython demo
> program, have a look at the demo code in the 'wxHtmlWindow' subsection of
> the 'more Windows/Controls section and compare the code to my demo code.

Don't worry, I don't burn that easily :-) It happens -- the problem is
that people get used to their your own setups (programming libraries,
directories and stuff), and it's quite easy to forget to mention
something or other when releasing it for other people to use. Be
welcome :-)

Carlos Ribeiro
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mail: carribeiro at

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