wxPython entirely suitable for commercial use (was Re: wxPython Not Ready for Commercial Use)

phansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Sep 16 18:46:24 CEST 2004

Polerio Babao Jr.II wrote:
> Please correct me if im wrong. I have depended much on python and
> wxpython gui apps. After a year of using python apps I was able to do
> good application written entirely in python. One big problem came into
> my attention. The printing support. Yes, there was reportlab. But what
> if your client wanted to simulate the customized excel output and have
> it converted to reportlab. you cannot do it 100%. There are so many
> drawbacks which I do not like. I tried to use the xml file of excel
> and modify it on the fly to answer that problem but still not a very
> good solution.
> I am targetting crystal report as my ideal reporting application. 

Have you looked at any third-party products which support
an ActiveX interface?  Surely there are such things and they
could easily be integrated with a wxPython app.

 > If not then we are all correct, python
> is good for training purposes but not for production yet. 

Given the number of people actually using it for production use,
this ludicrous statement clearly must have been intended to
provoke a response, rather than to indicate a serious claim on
your part.  Heck, if you used it for over a year and it's only
suitable for training, that's egg on your face, isn't it?


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