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Thu Sep 9 16:43:48 CEST 2004

[A.M. Kuchling]

#- As a half-hour hack, I took a copy of the Python docs, stuck 
#- them in a
#- frameset, and added some JavaScript that displays a 
#- corresponding Wiki page
#- in another frame.  Feel free to play with 
#- please record problems on the Wiki page at
#- .

Interesting experiment. I certainly appreciate your work.

And I think here is the place to comment this:

I find *very* useful the way that MySQL handles this. It shows the standard
text for the item (the same text that the PDF) and lets the user to add
comments (not to edit the other text). You can see one example at

This way, user experience can be added to each item. More, this can be
useful to the responsible of that doc to get important feedback, and maybe
in later versions he/she can get this feedback *into* the std docs, or fix
bugs in the docs, etc.

.	Facundo
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