Help req: py2exe's compiled executables only working with XP

Michael Geary Mike at
Sun Sep 5 07:46:06 CEST 2004

>> > >  I guess I should describe the problem more. When I go to execute,
>> > > nothing visibly happens.

>> > Did you try running them from a console (cmd.exe or

>> Yes, same problem.

> Is there any reason for these executables to be acting this way?

I don't know if the problem lies in the Python code or somewhere else, but 
it would be worth checking for DLL (dynamic link library) dependencies. Go 
to and download Dependency Walker. Run it and then 
drag and drop your .exe file onto it. It may show you a missing dependency 
right away (except if there's one for MPR.DLL you can ignore that).

More likely, it won't show any problems yet. Press F7 to run your program 
under Dependency Walker. A big dialog full of options will come up, but the 
default settings are fine. Click OK and it will run your program and show 
you the additional DLL dependencies that come up as your program runs.

This may turn up something or it may not, but it's a good quick test. Read 
the FAQ on the Dependency Walker page and it will give you some more 
information about this program.


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