(Synchronous) Thread Control [Solved!]

Olivier Parisy olivier.parisy at free.fr
Fri Sep 17 16:07:28 CEST 2004

phansen wrote:
> Olivier Parisy wrote:
>> It seems like the main thread never exits from join(), in spite of
>> the timeout and the likeliness of the sub thread ending.
>> Any idea of what I've done wrong?
> Nothing at all.  It works fine here.  (And nice clean code
> you have, by the way.)

Hey, thanks! High-level languages are nice in that you can spend more
time on polish, indeed :-)

> Are you running this from the command line, or inside some
> other tool, or something else unusual?  What versions of
> Python and OS are you using?

Gosh, you are right: this definitely works fine in the command line.
I was running this from a Linux file manager (using "launch in a
terminal" and "keep the terminal open" options), but something
seems to be wrong with this approach.


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