python is going to die! =(

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Mon Sep 20 13:24:33 CEST 2004

julio <julioperezsosa at> writes:

> Abe Mathews wrote:
>> As for C# "killing" Python?  I don't think so.  There are still plenty
>> of folks programming in Fortran (and heck, some still in COBOL) for
>> crying out loud.  C is still studied, used, and taught, even though
>> C++ was should have supplanted it.  Maybe at some point Python will
>> stop being a major development language, but that doesn't mean it's
>> going to die.
>> Languages are tools, plain and simple.  You appear to have found a
>> tool that works better for you in the methods that you prefer to work
>> under.  That doesn't diminish the usefulness of someone else's
>> preferred tool.  Just because you like your table saw, that doesn't
>> mean that the usefulness of my old handsaw is diminished, it just
>> means we have additional options available.  Options are a GOOD thing.
>> Abe Mathews
>  If you consider a language used by 5 crazy guys not being dead then
> fine. And maybe you can see languages as just interchangeable tools when you
> just develop some custom system scripts, but when 90% of the developers
> need to consider how many developers you will find to start a proyect, or
> how the tools that increase your productivity are ,things looks diferent. 
> It is exactly as you said, options are good , and there are no options for a
> real python ide other than the wingide guys sells their ide for a
> ridiculously 200$ because they have no competition or because no one realy
> cares about a real python ide.

"no one realy cares about a real python ide". It's this the point... Ask
you why no one cares about a what you call a "real python ide". Simply
because we don't need, python is so clear, so simple, so efficient that
we don't need that a program take our hand to program. Why we don't need
a graphical tools to design gui or report ? not because we just write
litle script but the opposite. Big application with hundred of ui and
hundred of rapports will be a big pain and unmaintainable to do it with
mouse ! And finaly if you do litle application you don't really need a
complex graphical ide...
Graphical ide are good for bad langages that nobody want to learn and
remember. For example when i must use msaccess, i'm happy to can click
everywhere. But if i need to do something serious with the database i
create an odbc link and code in python+emacs.

Maybe you don't like or understand python, but you will not like it more
with any ide i think.

Before C# it was java, it was VB, it was plenty of graphical ide that
could "kill python", strangely, python was never so full of live !

Wilk -

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