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   rpw3 at rpw3.org (Rob Warnock) wrote:
>Brian Inglis  <Brian.Inglis at SystematicSW.ab.ca> wrote:
>| rpw3 at rpw3.org (Rob Warnock) wrote:
>| >Which, like PS/8 & OS-8 [and "DECsystem-8" from Geordia Tech] for the
>| >PDP-8, modelled the command syntax after that of the venerable PDP-10!!
>| >
>| >+---------------
>| >| Consider the "PIP" command.
>| >+---------------
>| >
>| >Indeed. And COPY & DEL & DIR, etc.
>| But CP/M also derived from IBM VM CP(!) and CMS:
>| 	mount a ...
>| 	attach con/rdr/lst/pun ...
>Those were also PDP-10 Monitor commands, and probably PDP-6 Monitor
>before that.

Sigh!  Fortunately, IBMers and DECcies all spoke English.
There were a few words that were spelt differently just
to satisfy NIH syndromes.  


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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