i am going to get crazy!!!

Paul Metzger pmetzger at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 15 02:56:03 CEST 2004

andresm wrote:

>I cant believe there is no single decent open source for python, all
>them miss some of the most core features an ide should have, i just
>cant believe this!!! I have been looking for a decent ide for one
>weak, i have tried all of them, all. the only kick ass one is ipython,
>but thats a shell that shows how an ide should be.
Have you tried wxglade? It's pretty good, Not all that, but pretty good.

> I come from a java background using eclipse, netbeans,intellij,etc
>and i realy liked to learn python =( , java sucks for tons of reasons,
>but i dont now what to do the most important feature of an ide is
>syntax coloring and "full code completion suport".
As far as the syntax coloring goes, use vim. It's the best text editor 
on the open source/gnu/gpl market IMNSHO and it's rather intuitive. As 
far as the full code completion goes, the M$ .net studio killed me from 
ever wanting to see another ide that does that. While it's useful(and I 
think wxglade has a option for it) Personally I prefer to do most of 
everything in vi:) but I am a command line junkie also.

> For example if i am learning how to use the sys module in my code and
>while i am writing like :
>      sys . 
>   A list should appear showing me all the attributes of the module or
>class : variables,locals,globals,builtins,etc  and when i focus on one
>item for example " setprofile " method the documentation of the method
>should appear in another popup , that way i can learn  the libraries
>fast and in an interactive way. Is all i want in an ide ALL IDES have
>this. Why python ones dont ?  in spe you get everything that is in the
>namespace,not just the object before the dot triger,same in eric3, in
>komodo you get just the functions, no docs.
> Whats wrong with my common sense?  all ides for php,java,c have this
>feature , is all i want to be able to program fast =( .
Python is quick in and of it's self. esp when you get into the functions 
and make it pull in thoes functions...


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